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a. I understand and support CARE’s mission of helping youths succeed.

b. I am committed to serve with dedication and excellence, in all ways, prioritizing and safeguarding the interests of the students.

c. I am dedicated to the work of building and empowering young people and will never do anything or support any cause that will hurt them, physically, mentally or emotionally.

d. If students I work with are suicidal or display tendencies to harm others, I will inform CARE immediately.

e. I am aware of the values of CARE and the schools served, and will do everything within my power to uphold and support them.

f. I understand and support CARE’s stand on health and will not in any way, by role modeling, word or action, support or encourage students to smoke, go night clubbing or pubbing, drink alcohol, do substance abuse or drugs.

g. I respect the programmes and materials shared with me as CARE’s intellectual property. Hence, all materials will be treated duly and I will not use them in any other programmes / workshops / class / schools / etc, without notifying and receiving permission from CARE. I will return all materials in their entirety when I stop volunteering for CARE or upon CARE’s request.

h. Information shared with me by CARE or CARE’s students is confidential and will not be shared except with CARE staff.
My Declaration

I declare that I am in good physical and mental health. *

I declare that I do not have any communicable diseases. *

I declare that I have no criminal record. *

I declare that all the information hereby provided is accurate. *

Should there be any discrepancy in my declaration, I am aware that I will be terminated without any prior notification. *

I consent to my data, information, pictures and videos taken during my volunteering stint to be used for CARE’s fundraising, volunteerism or marketing needs, for the purpose of supporting and furthering CARE's work. ​ *

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